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To increase the scientific quality of the articles published in the Bulletin of the Petroleum Gas University of Ploiești, Law and Social Sciences Series, starting with 2007, we have opted for the double-blind peer review system. The identity of all authors who submit articles, whether published or not, and the identity of reviewers is not made public. The authors do not know who the reviewers are, and in turn the reviewers do not know who the authors are.

During the reviewing process some general criteria are taken into account:

The subject discussed in the article is attention and research worthy.
The article as a whole presents new information or proposes a new approach.
The ideas that form the structure of the article are not outdated.
The article is structured in a logical and coherent way.
The conclusion of the article is sufficiently substantiated.
There is at least an element of originality.

Evaluation of the article is done in two stages. First there is an administrative assessment made by an editor of the journal seeking compliance with the DTP conditions, then the article enters the flow of the announced double-blind peer-reviewing. Following the review the articles can be published either without revisions, only if revised or rejected. The publisher is responsible for ensuring the review process.
The Bulletin publishes articles submitted by researchers, teachers, PhD?s, cultural figures and independent authors in the country and abroad. Submitting articles for publication requires that they know and assume all the conditions of publication of the bulletin. The authors are solely responsible for the accuracy of the data provided in their texts. Manuscript submission implies that it is not sent to other publications.
The articles should be sent to Dragos Grigorescu by email dragos_grigorescu77 @
The publisher is responsible for maintaining both the name of the author (s) and of the reviewer(s) anonymous throughout the peer-review process. He/she is also responsible to require authors whose articles have been accepted to make the necessary revisions and re-submit their articles. Articles that were rejected by the reviewers are not returned to their authors.

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