Unemployment-Complex and Extremely Dynamic Conditionings
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Vol LX • No. 2/2008
Valentina Irina Dobrescu
Administraţia Domeniului Public şi Privat, Str. Valeni, nr. 32
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 Keywords   law, unemployment, Labor Law

Unemployment-an economic phenomenon present in all countries-is known as being a lack of balance between the demand and the offer regarding labour. This lack of balance is defined as a surplus of the offer in comparison with the labour demand with different levels and meanings of evolution in each country and period of time, which nowadays gained a permanent feature, but does not exclude the presence of full occupancy of labour- in today's signification- which has an obvious relative nature, because this "completeness? coexists with a certain level of unemployment, different for each country and period of time. The coming out of unemployment and its increase have a large number of both objective and subjective causes. When the productivity of labour is high, then the rate of economic increase is no longer able to create new working places/jobs, just in rare cases, such as from a certain high level, so that to ensure a ?' a complete occupancy?. On labour market the gap between the demand and the offer regarding labour is in favour of the first mentioned above.

Şomajul ? fenomen economic întâlnit în toate ţările - este cunoscut ca fiind un dezechilibru între cererea şi oferta de forţă de muncă. Acest dezechilibru se defineşte ca un excedent al ofertei faţă de cererea de muncă cu niveluri şi sensuri de evoluţie diferite pe ţări şi perioade, ce au dobândit în prezent un caracter permanent, dar care nu exclude definitiv existenţa stării de ocupare deplină a forţei de muncă, în accepţiunea actuală, care are un foarte evident caracter relativ, întrucât această "deplinătate? coexistă cu un anumit nivel al şomajului, diferit pe ţări şi perioade.

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