Vol LXIII • No. 4/2011
Second Law Analysis of Evaporative Cooling Systems
Feiza Memet
About an Improved Kloss Equation
Boris Siro, Costin Daniel Lupu, Alexandru Săvulescu
Utility of S-Functions for Defining Complex Elements
Costin Daniel Lupu, Boris Siro, Alexandru Săvulescu
On the Calculus of the Inverse Geometric Model of the Mitsubishi RV-1A Robot System
Dorin Bădoiu
Research Concerning the Influence of Some Constructive Errors on the Dynamics of a Pumping Unit
Georgeta Toma, Dorin Bădoiu
Algorithm for Pupil Recognition and Inter-pupillary Distance Calculation
Ştefan Mirică*, Ionuţ Lambrescu**
Flow of Multi-Phase Fluids in Coiled Tubing
Maria Stoicescu, Doru Stoianovici
An Analysis of the Lamination Process of Gas from Bilciuresti Underground Gas Storage in order to be Delivered in TRANSGAZ Transmission Network
Niculae Toma*, Laurenţiu Prodea**, Tiberiu Florin Trifan***
Basic Theoretical Aspects on using Turboexpanders in order to Recover Green Energy due to Pressure Let Down
Laurenţiu Prodea*, Tiberiu Florin Trifan**, Niculae Toma***
Study of the Recovery Possibilities of the Waste Pressure Let Down Energy by Means of Gas Lamination on Blow Out Well Heads on Bilciuresti Structure
Tiberiu Florin Trifan*, Laurenţiu Prodea**
An Energetical Method of Calculation of the Critical Load for Beams with Variable Cross Sectional Area
Şerban Vasilescu
A Model for Abrasive Wear Analysis in Pneumatic Sand Conveying Systems
Georgiana Marin*, Vlad Ulmanu**, Cristian Nicolae*
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