Vol LXIV • No. 1/2012
Dynamic of the Elbow's Wearing Process in Pneumatic Sand Conveying Facilities
Vlad Ulmanu*, Georgiana Marin**
The Equivalence of the Assessment Procedures API 579 and ASME B31G
Mihail Minescu, Ion Pană
The Study of Recovery Possibilities of a Part of the Waste Pressure Let Down Energy by Means of Gas Lamination on Bilciuresti Structure in the Butimanu Measurement Point
Laurenţiu Prodea*, Tiberiu Florin Trifan**
Metamorphosed Igneous Rocks Study from Valea Satului (Almăj Mountains)
Gheorghe Brănoiu, Mihai Ciocīrdel
A Method of the Origin Parameters Used in the Calculation of the Critical Load for Beams with Variable Cross Sectional Area
Şerban Vasilescu, Costin Ilinca
On the Differential Model of a Mitsubishi Robot
Dorin Bădoiu
About the Calculations of the Biconic Agent Element Assembly
Niculae Grigore
Calculus Program for Using the Assessment Procedure Fitness For Service API 579
Ion Pană, Mihail Minescu
Pipe Stress Analysis and Equipment Nozzle Loads Evaluations
Costin Ilinca, Şerban Vasilescu
On the Cinematic Analysis of a Mechanism of Fourth Class
Georgeta Toma, Dorin Bădoiu
The Bio-ethanol and ETBE Effects on Volatility Properties of Oxygenated Gasoline
Mihaela Neagu (Petre), Paul Roşca, Raluca-Elena Dragomir
Gravel Packing for Completing Long Horizontal Wells in Unconsolidated Formations
Laurenţiu Frusinoiu*, Mihail Gheorghitoiu**, Mihail Ionescu***, Maria Stoicescu***
Co-SWNTs-like Material as Antiwear and Extreme Pressure Additive for Biodegradable Lubricants
Diana Cursaru, Constantin Tănăsescu
Iron (III) Chloride as Coagulation Agent in Industrial Waters
Ileana Cameniţă
Journal INFO (ISSN 1224-8495)
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