Vol LXIV • No. 4/2012
Theoretical Aspects Regarding the Friction Resulted in Simply Supported Circular or Annular Plates
Radu I. Iatan*, Ruxandra Gh. Mengher**
Influence of Temperature and Speed of Testing on the Compression Behaviour of Polyurethane Foams
Dan Mihai Constantinescu*, Dragoş Alexandru Apostol*, Liviu Marşavina**, Emanoil Linul**
Risk Analysis and Safety Evaluation for the Natural Gas Transmission Pipelines
Gheorghe Zecheru*, Ilie E. Laţa**, Gheorghe Drăghici*, Cătălin Albulescu*
Displacement Analysis of Gas Transport Pipeline to Overpass
Marcu Frăţilă
Experimental Study, Using Strain Gauge Technique, for Stress Measurement on 45deg. Angular Tubular Branched Structures
Adrian Judele*, Pavel Alecsandru**, Valentin Zichil*
Lifetime Estimation of High Density Polyethylene Pipelines Based on Fracture Mechanics Principles
Vlad Ulmanu, Gheorghe Drăghici, Virgil Aluchi
Experimental Study of the Crushing Behavior of High Density Polyethylene Pipes
Ionel Ciupe, Valentin Oleksik, Adrian Pascu
Experimental Determination of Compressive Properties for Closed-Cell Aluminium Foams
Emanoil Linul*, Liviu Marsavina*, Tudor Voiconi*, Jaroslav Kováčik**
Modeling by Photoelasticity with Applications in Biomechanics
Constantin Vasiloaica
Silos Design by Global Numerical Analysis
Alexandru Pupăzescu
Crack Length Determination for Non-standardized Test Specimens Using Graphical Analysis of Video Images
Cristian-Sorin Neş, Nicolae Faur
The Crack Growth Rate for an Eccentric Tensile in Connection to the Asymmetry Coefficient for a Stainless Steel
Vâlcu Roşca, Ionuţ Daniel Geonea
Using Finite Element Method to Study the Behavior under Uniaxial Traction of Different Types of Weaves
Mihaela Oleksik, Adrian Pascu, Valentin Oleksik
Assessment of the Remaining Strength Factor for Pipelines Subject to Local Metal Loss
Gheorghe Zecheru, Evelyn Nicolae
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