Vol LXVI • No. 2/2014
Rational Exploitation of the Machines for Straightening Steel Plates and Strips Intended for the Manufacture of Static Equipment from Petroleum Refineries and Petrochemical Plants
Gheorghe Zecheru, Andrei Dumitrescu
The Rietveld Structure Refinement of the Marcasite Crystals from Herja Ore Deposit Using X-ray Powder Diffraction Data
Gheorghe Brănoiu, Octavian Georgescu
Industrial Case Study for Event-Driven System Modelled using Petri Nets
Sanda Florentina Mihalache, Gabriel Rădulescu
Aspects of Crank Design in Case of Rod Pumping Units with Reverse Scheme
Liliana Rusu
Phasing Skin Factor Analysis for Oil Wells Completions
Georgeta Stoianovici*, Doru Stoianovici**, Constantin Nicolescu**
Cryptographic Protocol for Wireless Networks Security
Otilia Cangea
Analysis of a Collecting - Adduction System of an Underground Gas Storage
Alina Maria Gligor*, Sorin Neacşu**, Cristian Eparu**, Lazăr Avram**
On the Positional and Cinematic Analysis of a Mechanism with Three Independent Contours
Dorin Bădoiu
Diminishing Erosion Wear of Centrifugal Pump Rotor Made of Austenitic Stainless Steel by Nitriding Thermochemical Treatments
Octavian Oniţiu, Răzvan George Rīpeanu
PID Controller Tuning Using Genetic Algorithms: A Case Study for Various Ranges of Process Model Parameters
Alina-Simona Băieşu
A Genetic Algorithm for Production Scheduling in Flexible Manufacturing Systems
Florentina Alina Toader
Selection of Control Configurations for a Gas Separation Unit
Marian Popescu
Dynamic Investigation, Identification and Decoupling of a Multivariable 2X2 Temperature Process
Alin-Constantin Băieşu, Alina-Simona Băieşu
The Flexibility Analysis of the Transfer Pipeline between the Tubular Furnace and the Vacuum Column from the Vacuum Distillation Plant
Florin Banu, Viorel Nicolae
Experimental Determinations Regarding the Behaviour of Spiral Screw Pumps Stators under Erosion Wear
Maria Popescu
Journal INFO (ISSN 1224-8495)
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