Vol LXVI • No. 4/2014
Numerical Simulation of Tank Behavior to a Inner Explosion
Vasile Năstăsescu*, Ghiţă Bârsan**
Correlations between Impact Bending and Fatigue Tests, in Order to Determine the NDT Temperature for API 5L X65 Steel
V. Zichil, C. Schnakovszky, E. Herghelegiu, A. Albuț, A. Judele
The Crack Growth as a Function of Loading Cycle’s Number, Established by Two Experimental Methods
Viorel Goanţă, Marian Mareş, Bogdan Leiţoiu
Glycerol Acetal Ester as Biofuel Additive
Elena-Emilia Oprescu*, Dorin Bomboş*, Steliana Cristea*, Catălina Călin*, Emil Stepan**, Ion Bolocan*
Evaluation of Stresses in Buried Pipelines in the Underground Crossing Area
Alexandru Pupăzescu
Aspects Pertaining to the Pollution of the Soil by Hydrocarbons and Salt Water
Andronela Bărbulescu*, Monica Emanuela Stoica**, Lazăr Avram**, Tudora Cristescu**
Advances in Automation of Two-Phase Separators
Cristian Pătrăşcioiu*, Grigore Stamatescu**, Marian Popescu*
Hierarchical Control of a Depropanizer Column
Marian Popescu, Sanda-Florentina Mihalache
Using the Mobile Water Treatment Systems in Treating Wastewater from Oil Separators
Casen Panaitescu
Software Application for the Automation and Operation of a Natural Gas Compression Station
Alina Maria Gligor
Considerations Regarding the Damage of Natural Gas Formations as a Result of Their Opening by Drilling
Ion Foidas
Automatic Speech Recognition: Methods and Applications for Romanian Language
Daniela Şchiopu
Gravity Drainage – A Main Pillar in the Tertiary Oil Migration in Abandoned Reservoirs I. Basic Concepts
Dan-Romulus Jacotă
Selection of High Performance Roller Bits Suitable to Specific Well Cases
Dumitru Iordache
INNOPIPES European Project Second Training Event at the Southern Federal University – Rostov-on-Don, Russian Federation, 11-19 September 2014
Journal INFO (ISSN 1224-8495)
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