Vol LXVII • No. 4/2015
Adaptable Method to Estimate the Loading Developed in the Joint Area of Two Rings or of a Ring Embedded at One End
Radu I. Iatan*, Carmen T. Popa**, Pavel Gh. Florescu*, Radu Andrei Dumitrescu*
Biodegradable Solid Foaming Product for the Evacuation of Water from Natural Gas Wells
Maria Florea, Alina Maria Gligor
Technological Features of Valves Installation on the Natural Gas Transmission Pipelines – Part II
Gheorghe Zecheru*, Ilie Laţa**, Andrei Dumitrescu*
On the Calculus of the Motor Moment of a Sucker Rod Pumping Unit
Georgeta Toma, Alexandru Pupăzescu, Dorin Bădoiu
Calculation Models Regarding the Dynamics of the Arms of Concrete Pumps Mounted on Truck
Laurenţiu Sârbu
A Method to Determine the Cutting Regime Parameters for the Turning Operation
Ion Nae
Assessment of the Explosion Risk in a Natural Gas Regulating and Metering Station and Usage of a Modern Software for Indicating Areas with Explosion Hazard
Alina Maria Gligor
Evaluation of Stresses in MI20 Well Servicing Mast with Long Activity
Alexandru Pupăzescu
Technical State Assessment of the Furnace Tubes from Oil Refineries and Petrochemical Plants by Examining Their Chemical Composition and Microstructure
Gheorghe Zecheru, Ibrahim Ramadan, Andrei Dumitrescu
Using Layer of Protection Analysis in Order to Determine the Necessary Safety Integrity Level of a Safety Instrumented System
Alina-Simona Băieşu
Effect of Sand Control Techniques on Oil Well Performance
Georgeta Stoianovici*, Doru Stoianovici**, Constantin Nicolescu**
On the Positional Synthesis of a Mechanism with Two Independent Contours
Dorin Bădoiu
ESP Wells Performance Analysis and Prediction on their Future Performance by Using the Nodal Analysis
Ahmed Belaid
Journal INFO (ISSN 1224-8495)
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