Vol LIX • No. 1/2007
Mathematical Modelling of the PAM Control Algorithm for the Mono-Phase Inverter
Gheorghe Cremenescu
The Graetz Problem for Power-law Fluids Flow with Neumann Boundary Conditions
Tudor Boacǎ
Linear Butenes Isomerization on Mono and Poly-Components Solid Catalysts
Vasile Matei, Anca Borcea, Constantin Ionescu
Using Simhydraulics in didactic applications
Ion Pană
Implemented V-Hz Control of an Excited Synchronous Motor with Constant Field
Csaba Szabó, Ioan I. Incze, Maria Imecs, Enikő Szőke-Benk
Research on Oil Recovery by Steam Injection into the Reservoir
Ion Creţu, Eugen Mihail Ionescu, Sorin Gheorghiu
Some Aspects Concerning the Interpretation of a Gas Reservoir Performance from Production and Pressure Data
Eugen Mihail Ionescu, Ion Creţu, Imre Barabas, Aurelian Dobrescu
Excess Properties for Water + Ethylene Glycol at 288.15, 293.15, 298.15 and 303.15 K
Vasile Dumitrescu, Octav Pântea, Mihai Sonia
The Calculus of the Extensible Cables Externally Loaded with Different Uniform Forces
Şerban Vasilescu
Improved Method To Calculate Hansen Solubility Parameters Of A Copolymer INFINEUM SV 260
Ioana Stanciu, Minodora Leca
Integrity Verification of the Hybrid Materials by Using Non Destructive Testing
Mihaela Călţaru, Marius Bădicioiu
Study of side products formation during n-butenes isomerization on modified zeolite catalysts
Anca Borcea*, Vasile Matei, Constantin Ionescu
Control System Based on Similitude with Electric Drives in Order to Reduce Accidents Caused by Bad Weather
Eugen Seracin
The Effect of the Thread Compound Amount on the Make-Up Behavior of a Premium Connection
Marius Bădicioiu*, Cătălin Teodoriu**, Mihaela Călţaru*
The Simulation of the Dynamic Processes at the Thermal Spraying of the Cr3C2-NiCr Powder Particles with High-Speed Flame
Doina Petrescu*, Niculae Napoleon Antonescu*, Juan Alberto Calero**
Amorphous alloys as catalyst precursors
Stoian Elena Valentina, Ioniţă Gheorghe
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