Vol LVIII • No. 4/2006
Particularities of Flame Propagation and Ignition Mechanisms
Niculae Napoleon Antonescu, Tudor Ichim
Best Available Technology to Reduce Emissions of Pollutants from Oil Refining Industry
Dorin Stănică-Ezeanu
Optimization of Flux and Pressure Distribution along a Horizontal Well Using Interval Control Valves
Alexandru D. Cojan, Constantin G. Popa
Drilling Operations with Deep Water and Ultradeep Water Rigs
Lazăr Avram*, Lucian Negruţ**
Preliminary Sedimentological-Petrophysical Consideration on the Geotechnical Potential of the ?Plaiul Păduchiosu? Land
Dumitru Frunzescu, Octavian Georgescu, Gheorghe Brănoiu
Rheological Behavior of Multi-Grade Oils
Ioana Stanciu, Minodora Leca
Numerical Simulation of Kerosene Pool Fires
Ion Anghel*, Popa Constantin*, Pavel Alecsandru**
Research Concerning the Design of the Primary Controller of the Industrial Robots Mechanisms
Dorin Bǎdoiu
A Method of Calculation of the Tension and Displacements in an Extensible Cable Loaded with a Uniform External Force
Şerban Vasilescu
Kinematical Exact Analysis of an Inverse Schematic Pumping Unit
Liliana Rusu, Ion Eparu
Effective Stresses of Non-fractured Elastic Rocks around a Horizontal Wellbore
Petru Ciobanu
Heat Flow in Solidification
Stoian Elena Valentina, Ioniţă Gheorghe
Characterization of Magnetite Nanoparticles Obtained by Chemical Coprecipitation
Dragoş-Viorel Brezoi, Gheorghe Ioniţă, Rodica-Mariana Ion
Matricial Method Used for Reaction Forces Computation in the Case of Continous Beams Supported by Uneven Bearings
Cornel Marin *, Alexandru Marin**
Bulletin of the Petroleum ? Gas University of Ploieşti. Description of the Website and the Content Management Application -
Liviu Dumitraşcu*, Andrei Todea**
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